Your Body Is Your Guide

When we start feeling pain where there was no injury, or when we experience an injury where the cause is unknown. This is often a mirroring of something that happened in a past life that is manifesting in this lifetime because it needs to be cleared. It is blocking something we need to embody in this life.


Your Body Is Your Guide

When we start developing food sensitivities, allergies or intolerances to things that we previously enjoyed without issue. These occurrences lie on something we call a resonance field. What we need to do is ask ourselves, “What key thing happened or was happening at the time I started to develop this problem? How does that relate to the symbology of what is going on in my life now? How does this relate to the type of food we have an intolerance to now?”

We need to think in symbols. Just like our dreams speak to us in symbols, we must decipher the meaning of the symbol. For instance: I developed a complete intolerance to refined sugar. It took me years to figure out what was causing the symptoms of what I was experiencing. My body actually could no longer digest refined sugar, when previously it was never an issue.

What was going on in my life at the time was my inability to taste the sweetness of life. Sugar is sweetness – so my body completely rejected it. Once I discovered this correlation, I put refined sugar on a resonance wheel.


Resonance Field

I drew a large oval on a sheet of paper. At the bottom I put refined sugar, which was my version of the worst type of sweetener because it was causing the most fierce digestive upset in history! It turns out I was classifying refined sugar as poison. At the top I placed honey, which to me was the most natural sweetener that comes from Mother Earth and the bees. I put six marks on the right of the oval between refined sugar and honey, and then I put six more marks on the left side of the oval between honey and refined sugar. At each mark from refined sugar to honey I wrote a sweetener that I classified as one step better than refined sugar until I got to one that I felt was closest to honey. On the other side I wrote a sweetener that I thought was one step toward refined sugar from honey.

In the end I found that I had several sweeteners that I considered to be poison that fell in the same category as refined sugar. They included all artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Splenda. These are chemically man made sweeteners and refined sugar was from natural sources and fell in the same category as honey. BOOM! Awareness.

As soon as we become aware of something it loses its power over us. I can now eat refined sugar without issue and have been able to since this discovery. I don’t often choose it because energetically it doesn’t feel that great for me, but if I want a cinnamon bun from a bakery, I will eat it, no problem.

What we need to understand is the spiritual cause of our issues. It’s all energy.


chakra image

Your Body Is Your Guide

When our energetic system is not in alignment. Our chakras are meant to be in one straight line from root to tip. The chakras get energetic blockages, which could be toxic emotions, old belief systems, suppressed memories or something else entirely, the energy flow through our chakra system becomes distorted and out of alignment. When one chakra is blocked or misaligned it causes physical symptoms in the area of the body that chakra governs.


For example; when we have a blockage in our Solar Plexus chakra, we can often experience digestive issues because this chakra rules our digestive system and our internal organs.


Embracing Your Divine Feminine

There are powerful things that lay in the unknown – in the mystery – the darkness. The light is a masculine energy – the fiery aspect of the Sun that gives us life. The darkness is the feminine quality of seeing in the dark. Entering into the unknown to find the knowledge hidden there. This is no place for science. This falls into the zone of trust and faith, where we are asked to trust ourselves. In trusting ourselves, this means we must trust what our body it telling us. Trust our intuition. Trust that our body knows the way, better than our mind could ever lead us because the body is a vehicle for the soul. You are a spiritual being living in a physical body.

Embracing the feminine energy and trusting the darkness means trusting your soul to lead your body where it needs to go because it knows why it came here. What it asks you to do may not make sense to you in a literal way, or in any way at all. It might sound or feel “crazy”, because your logic mind cannot define it as rational. It doesn’t make sense – it may not be the rational thing to do, and everyone out there might question every move you make, when you live from this place. It may stir deep fear inside you, and require you to step into your power to claim what is yours in this life.



Fear, after all, is “false evidence appearing real”, and is what we must face in order to become the highest version of ourselves. And when we transmute our old patterns, belief systems and trauma, we do it for our family and for the collective as well, because when we vibrate higher we influence the energy field all around us, and it vibrates higher. It creates a ripple effect outside of us. When we heal ourselves we can lead healing for others. The healer after all, fixes nothing, and treats no symptoms. A healer walks with you on the path you need to see in order to heal yourself.

The truth is, living this way is truly empowering. It will bring you to your soul’s purpose in this life – rational or not. When we are coming from ego we must learn to not let our minds talk us out of anything our body tells us. We must not let our mind rationalize our intuition. When we receive messages or are drawn to do something, we must follow it. Don’t question it. Trust. Don’t get the mind involved – it will lead you astray every time, when it comes from ego.



The ego has its role. It identifies with our personality traits, likes and dislikes, hopes and expectations. But when living from this place of trusting our body, the ego can no longer be emotionally invested or attached to these things in the way it was before. So if something turns out differently than you had hoped, it doesn’t make you upset. Instead of being reactionary or disappointed, you are open to seeing the experience as something that you can learn from by asking, “What is this trying to teach me?” The ego becomes detached from the outcome and expectations.

The ultimate role of the mind is to be in alignment with the heart, where it supports you on your path. This is the ultimate balance of the masculine and the feminine – harmony, unity, and unconditional love. “I love you ego, please be quiet.” You start to see and think about things in a completely different way.



Sink into your heart, listen to it, and BE in your heart always. The heart is the body’s true North. The guidance system that is wise beyond your lifetime. It is the part of the body that holds all of your soul’s memories, including the reason why you came here and what you are here to do. Again, this is no place for science and the rationality of the mind. Your mind is here to keep you safe. There is no adventure, excitement, change or movement in safe. And the one thing that can always be guaranteed is change. Fear has no place in the workings of the soul. The soul knows no fear.



mind heart alignment image

Your body is your guide. Are you listening to what it has to say?


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