In the last post, Your Body is Your Guide – Part 1, we focused on feelings and emotions.  There is so much information that our body has for us in order to heal and become who we are meant to be in this life. Our body has memory, but there is also something called cellular memory, which is the idea that memories can be stored outside of the brain, in our cells. You may have heard stories of people who have had organ transplants, who experience memories of the person of which the organ came from. Of course, because these theories cannot be proven by science, they have been dismissed as impossible.

Speaking from experience, I can say that your cells do have memory. They store memories of your past lives, your beliefs and programs instilled upon you by your family, friends and community in this lifetime or in others. These stored memories are often ones that have made an impact on our lives in such a way that we changed who we are/were because of them. It is something that made an imprint on our soul, changed a belief we had, and thus changed the way we respond to the world around us. Our cells can also hold ancestral trauma, or belief systems and emotions that don’t even belong to you.



The things is, when we have stored memories, they continue to influence our lives in the now, even if they didn’t happen in this lifetime, or even if they come from our ancestors. If it changed you on a soul level, it is still with you if you have not cleared it. If you are just a carrier of something passed on to you generation-to-generation, you can simply return to sender! Of course, in order to clear it you must become conscious of it, and who and where it came from.

When we experience trauma or an event that changed who we are, we often store it in our body, but a piece of our soul also gets left behind at the place and time, where and when it occurred. We lose a piece of our essence in that moment and it separates from us. You can leave pieces of your soul in the past in this lifetime, or in a completely different lifetime. We must call back all of the pieces of ourselves, in order for our soul to know completeness. When we loose a part of ourselves our body often feels fragmented. When we call ourselves back, it is then that our body feels whole again. We can do this through the soul retrieval process.


How Do We Know If We Are Experiencing Soul Loss?

The first thing is that there is a deep knowing or sense that something is missing. We can feel like we are not fully in our body or fully alive and engaged in life. We can also feel a lack of energy, depleted, or exhausted for no physical reason because a lot of psychic energy is unconsciously spent searching for the lost parts of ourselves. This is also a signal our body gives us when healing is needed.

I believe that phobia’s are also a product of cellular memory or body memory. They come from something traumatic that happened in a past life regarding the particular phobia. The event or situation instilled such fear within us, that it made an imprint on our soul. The fear becomes an injurious emotion and results in paranoia. (we covered the seven injurious emotions in our last post – )


Our Soul Is Infinite 

Our soul in infinite, so every time we incarnate onto this planet as a different human in another lifetime, we carry those “memories” with us. The key to clearing and healing phobias is to become aware of what caused it in a past life and the belief system you now hold because of it. Then it is a process of looking at that belief system. Typically it feels irrational to us in this life, because we didn’t actually physically experience it in this lifetime. The intense feeling of being in that moment is not there.

The key to transmuting intense emotions like fear is to become conscious of it. This means that your consciousness has already transmuted it, by bringing it from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. This is alchemy. Changing something from one state to another. This means we have moved it. It is no longer laying dormant or stagnant in our body memory. We have brought it to life – brought it to the light to be seen and acknowledged. That is all we need to do. Once this happens, you find that you no longer carry this fear.

Our body is our vehicle and it has memory beyond our mind. Just because your mind doesn’t remember, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that it never happened. There are seven layers of the human mind.


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First Layer -The Conscious Mind

Every thought, choice, action, plan, and desire comes from this place. This is also our memory and it is everything in our current awareness.

Second Layer – The Subconscious Mind

This level of the mind is not in our current awareness. The thoughts and feelings we have in this present moment get

stored here even after the moment passes. This is where are dreams come from. It defines all automatic actions and reactions we can become aware of just by thinking about them.

Third Layer – The Unconscious Mind

This is our storehouse for our past thoughts, feelings, urges and memories that are not within our conscious awareness.

Fourth Layer – The Super Subconscious Mind

This is our awareness that sees beyond the veil – beyond material reality. It accesses the consciousness behind reality.

Fifth Layer – The Collective Conscious Mind

This is all of the programs, patterning, morals and ethics we have collected over all of our lifetimes, and it is said that they get imprinted in our chakras.

Sixth Layer – Spontaneous Mind

This is our spiritual heart. It is formed by being in service to the greater good of all through unselfish action and acts of kindness.

Seventh Layer – Ultimate Mind

When we reach enlightenment this area of the mind gets activated. It is our soul. It allows us to experience our Divinity – the part of the Creator that lies within each of us.

We only know or are familiar with the first three layers of the mind. The deeper we go into the layers, the clearer and more comfortable the mystery becomes. Our trust in ourselves and in the Divine starts to become unshakable. In the first three layers, developing this trust, and listening to our body can seem like learning a whole new language. The more we practice the better we get, but we can’t practice if we don’t put ourselves into situations that require us to trust and have faith. The more we listen, the more we heal, the more we learn, the more we come to understand our Divinity and our connection to all that is.

The spiritual path puts us on the way to activating the Spontaneous and Ultimate layers of the mind. The mystery starts to become slightly visible and a little bit more understood, not to the physical eyes, or the first 5 layers of the mind, but only to the Ultimate Mind. This is the ultimate goal of awakening the Kundalini energy – that state of enlightenment and ultimate knowing.

Dive deep into the messages your body is giving you and you will find the key to your healing.


Our body carries infinite wisdom. Tune in for the final part of this blog post next week with Part 3.