Your body is your guide. Your body remembers everything you have ever been, done and believed, in this lifetime, and in all others. The mind forgets, your body remembers. It’s a thing called body memory. This is the “theory” that states that your body is capable of holding memories, not just in the brain, but in the physical body as well. It can be a stored memory of a traumatic event, repressed memories, old belief systems that are no longer serving you, or suppressed emotions. And it could have happened in this lifetime or in any other lifetime you have lived.


Feelings And Emotions Are Not The Same Thing

Feelings are happening in the now moment consciously and if they were stated out loud would start with things like, “I feel….”, or “I need…..”

Feelings take responsibility and are “I” statements. There are two kinds of feelings: the ones that have an emotional content such as sadness or fear, or things that make us feel a sensation in our body, which is energy movement, like goose bumps, a gut feeling, or an inner knowing.

Emotions are repressed feelings that we carry around, because we never allowed ourselves to feel our feelings in the now moment of a situation that that has already happened. They are an unconscious expression of something that happened in the past. When stated out loud emotions can feel like blame – they are a reaction, and are directed at another person. They sound like “it’s your fault….”, or “you always…..”

It is key to understand that feelings are to be expressed, and if they are not expressed they turn toxic and become emotions stored in the body that get expressed as we are triggered by someone or something. However, we have been taught that expressing our feelings is not necessarily a good thing. We are not encouraged to express our feelings – we do not want to feel or appear vulnerable or weak – because that is what society has equated to expressing our feelings. When someone cries we feel awkward, and when someone is raging with anger we are intimidated and afraid. Our feelings are not given any kind of importance in our world, so we all have ended up with buried emotions – feeling we were never aloud to express – or didn’t allow ourselves to express.


 Emotions According To Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine has the teachings of the 7 injurious emotions, which are feelings that are meant to be expressed but have turned toxic inside of us because they were unexpressed. This creates toxic/injurious emotions (emotions that cause us injury or pain)


The 7 injurious emotions in Chinese Medicine are:








Can There Be Toxic Happiness or Joy?


When we walk through life wearing rose coloured glasses, seeing nothing but goodness and light, and not acknowledging the darkness, we become out of balance. This is a common spiritual misconception out there in the world right now. The message is focus on the light. However, the yin/yang has both light and dark, and there is a piece of darkness in the light and a piece of light within the darkness. Without the darkness we would not know the light, and without the light we would not know the darkness. 

So to avoid the darkness is not intrinsic to our nature nor does it serve us well. We live in a world of dualities. The problem is, we have become obsessed with separation, which was never the purpose of duality. The purpose of duality is to know one, so one can know the other. We can use the masculine and feminine as an example. We all have these energies within us – this has nothing to do with gender.

The right side of our body belongs to the masculine energy of physicality, goal setting and getting things done. The left side of the body associates with the feminine aspect. It orients itself to intuition, nurturing, inner knowing and spirituality. The intention is for everyone to have a good balance of both of these energies within the body always. This creates harmony and unity of the mind with the heart and allows us to live in balance with all beings and Mother Earth.


The Reality Is That Most Of Us Are Out of Balance

We live in a scientific world, and science has pretty much dismissed the feminine energetic aspect in its belief system that everything must be proven to be real. Everything must be seen or be measurable in order to exist. It is based in data, facts and figures, and focuses on the mind, and knowledge as power. It dismisses inner knowing, intuition or gut feelings. And so it puts aside the “theory” or idea that the body has memory, or that cells have memory, because it cannot be measured or proven.

So, yes, there can be toxic happiness or joy. It can lead to mania and obsession. It can lead to addictions, because

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we are searching for something to help us fight the darkness – an escape. We must face the darkness inside ourselves so that we may know the light. That is to transmute and heal our suppressed side, the skeletons in our closet, the traumas we hold within, toxic emotions, and the old belief systems that no longer serve our highest good. When we ignore the dark side and keep it hidden it manifests into ill health and disease. It is blocks of energy that are held within that are not being released. We are not free – we are held in the confines of our darkness, which manifests more and more darkness – an energetic prison.


The Impact of Toxic Emotions

Toxic anger leads to frustration, rage, and hatred. Toxic worry or over-thinking becomes obsessions, complete mental conflict, and can cause digestive system issues. It knots up the flow of prana (life force energy) in our body and creates stagnation. Toxic grief becomes unworthiness, disdain, and can lead to self-harm. It depletes and weakens prana. Toxic sadness becomes despair, hopelessness, bitterness, and deep depression. It often causes us to close the door on our hearts. Toxic fear becomes anxiety, paranoia, and incredible insecurity. When fright or shock becomes toxic it causes energy to become stuck and leads to extreme shame and it scatters prana in our system.

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Toxic emotions cause yin/yang energy imbalance and blocks the flow of prana through the meridians. Deep emotional pain and stuckness can gain it’s own identity and become like a ghost or an entity – haunting you. They can be the root of disease, and this is why it is so important to heal our toxic emotions, become conscious of the them and transmute them to the light. Becoming conscious is powerful.

Ask yourself, “Is there any moment in your life that defined your life so much that you think of your life as BC and AD? Where before the event felt like an entirely different era than after the event because it changed everything?



My mentor, Sarah Thomas once said, “We are all like gardens. Things attach to us, we collect things, we are full of weeds. We must weed the garden first.” Your body is your guide so let it show you where the weeds are.


Awareness Is Key

That is why many energy modalities use different forms of emotional release techniques as a form of spiritual healing. It is a form of weeding the garden. The idea is that these emotions get trapped somewhere in the body, and in order to rid ourselves of the pain we are carrying around, we must release the emotions in a healthy and conscious way. In order to do this however, we must be able to see the cause – to bring it to our conscious mind – to transmute it from the subconscious.

The key to understanding and working with this, is to become aware of the body, our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions. What is triggering you and why? If something or someone is triggering you it is an indicator that there is something inside you that need to be brought to the surface to be healed. If you have chronic pain that cannot be resolved, it may be trapped emotions unable to escape. The things you keep stuffed down will come to haunt you eventually. Life is a cycle. We return to everything that is unresolved again and again until we learn the lesson, and embody what it is there to show us or receive the gift that is being presented to us in our healing. It is you who is responsible for your reactions, your feelings, and your emotions – no one else. You. We must become responsible for the state of our own lives. We have created it. The power lies in your hands.

Your body is your guide. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post. Our bodies have so much information for us.

your body your guide blog post image