You are a soul living in a physical body. Who am I is a spiritual being living a human experience. At our very essence, we are the soul. The soul is in the drivers seat directing our bodies where to go in life. Or, at least, that is the intention. We over-ride our soul’s desires from our ego mind – from fear – all the time. It is the epidemic of our society.

It is very likely that you have been incarnated onto this Earth many, many times – quite probably hundreds or maybe thousands of times. You have lived many different lives, in different time periods in history, and in different cultures throughout the world. Your soul has experienced much more than you know. You only remember this life – in the here and now – and so, we are a species with amnesia. If we want to remember, we must look at all the events and occurrences in our lives now. Anything that you have unresolved from previous lives are going to reappear in this one to be resolved. This can come in events that repeat over and over in your life, injuries you sustain, trauma you must endure, fears you have, people that cross your path, there are so many ways that our remembering is triggered. Our body remembers it all – the mind is oblivious.

There is access to all you have ever been, and known – the wisdom you carry within. It is held in the Akashic Records, which is like an invisible library in non-physical reality of every thought, word, or deed of every living being, in all times, past, present and future. It is an energy field that we can access through meditation, intention and with specific questions. However, this is not a post about the Akashic Records. If you want to know more about the records, Gaia has a blog post entitled, “Akashic Records 101” you can check out. The point is, that we have access to who we have been before this life, and we carry much more knowledge and wisdom than we know. This is powerful because we have knowledge we didn’t even know we had.

This is why they say, “Everything you need is within you.”, – because it is. Your soul is accessed through your heart space and carries with it your soul’s memory of your purpose in this life. We all came here for a specific purpose that we decided on and orchestrated. It is the contract you came in with – and we all seek to fulfill our purpose. Your soul will lead you if you let it be the driver. There are many people out there talking about how to live a soul led life. Here is a quote from Sara Wiseman that sums it up wonderfully.


“This commitment to living from soul will take you on an unexpected journey, whether you travel the world or you stay at home.

Whether you meet many people, or only a few.
Whether you achieve worldly success, or live a simple life.

Yet in all cases, this walking on the path in your own way, throwing away the map and letting the Light lead . . . this is walking in the mystery, and it is the sweetest, most profound way to live a life!

The great leap is not into the known.
The great leap is into the mystery.

Take your map out. Look at where they told you that you needed to go.
Now throw the map away and start walking.

Your soul knows the way.”

– Messages from the Divine


The key is to let the light lead. Jump into your medicine river and let it take you where you need to be. Your soul knows where to go. Follow the signs, and synchronicities that come your way. Follow where the energy leads you and trust it beyond all doubt, with every fibre of your being, and you will discover the wonder of you. You must come to ask, of every event that happens in your life, “What is the purpose behind this?”, “What is the intention of the Creator behind this event?”. When we understand that Creator only wants to give, that Creator is friendly and only wants what is good for us, we understand that even the bad things that happen in our lives, happen for our highest good. They happen because there is something in us that must shift in order to evolve – in order for us to reach our highest potential and live our purpose.


You Are Not Your Physical Body

You are the driver and your body is the vehicle. Your body does what you tell it to do.

You are not your mind. Your mind is part of your physical body. Your mind does what you tell it to do. If you are following the directions of your mind, your fear based thinking creates a fear based reality, and so then you are not you – you are your mind. When we are our mind we become followers. It becomes easy for others to tell us what to do, how to think, how to feel, and how to operate in this world. When we are our mind the media perpetuates our fears, we act from fear, we think with fear – we become the what-ifs, the people that play it “safe”, and the followers rather than the leaders in our own lives.


Becoming the Leader

In the age we are currently living in, we need to become the leaders of our own bodies and minds. We need to be in control of us, rather than led by the few. We need free and independent creative beings, that can think outside the fear box with courage, determination, and strength.  People that are not afraid to dive into the mystery, not knowing what is on the other side, but willing to jump in to find out. People willing to develop their sixth sense – their subtle senses – and their faith beyond logic.

I’m not talking about leaders as in the leader of a group. I’m talking about becoming who we really are once again, and taking back control of ourselves. Understanding our limitless potential, and the profound knowledge we all carry that has been lost. This means choosing what is right for us – for our body and our mind, from the soul. Making that choice as a conscious individual from your soul – from you for you.

This is drastically different from choosing what is right for us based on what is right for the collective, what is right for anyone else, or what we are told is right. This is different than following the mainstream because that is what we are told to do, and what we have been taught to do our entire lives, because the people out there that govern us are supposed to have our best interested at heart. Do you believe that to be true? Do you believe the system that we have created is all that there is and is creating the best for us? Or do you wish for something more? Do you wonder what other possibilities are out there? What other ways of doing things could be beneficial for all of humanity? Do you want to follow the pack or walk to the beat of your own drum? Who am I?

The reality of our 9-5 world is exhausting us as a species. It is full of stress, demands, and expectations. Our school systems, and educational guidelines push us through to perpetuate the system we have created. Everyone learns differently. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. We all look differently, grow and develop differently, and have different interests, yet the kid that needs glasses gets teased, the child with different colour skin gets bullied and judged, and the one passionate about learning is labelled as a geek or a nerd. Through this pressure we are taught to become like the others, when in fact, we are all individuals that are part of the human race.


We Are Individuals Yet We Are All The Same

How do we embrace our uniqueness as well as our sameness in peace and harmony? I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that it must start with knowing who we really are at the core of our being, not who we are told we should be. Who are you really? When you strip away societal expectations and labels, understand we are balance, harmony and unity – we are not duality, and when we understand that we are not our body and we are not our minds – we are a soul living a human experience. These profound truths can help us to uncover our purpose here, and help us walk our path on our terms for the greater good of humanity.


How Do We Do This?

First we must understand that if we want to know, we cannot go about it through the physical body and the five senses. Our soul belongs to the mystery, and it knows how to do this. To know is to become the mystery, to flow with it, and to seek its deep wisdom. To know is to use the subtle senses to hear, see, smell, touch and taste the world of mystery.

The subtle sense of sight is to be able to see what is unseen. To follow your dreams, to learn to see visions in your waking life – eyes open or closed, to pay attention to them and to trust in their knowing – in your own knowing that comes from your soul. The subtle sense of smell and being able to smell when things aren’t right. Smelling something that does not have any kind of physical source.  Our subtle sense of hearing is being able to hear words, sounds or music in our mind. This includes hearing the voice of our higher self and of the ego and being able to distinguish between the two. The subtle sense of taste means being able to taste things that aren’t physically there, like getting a bad taste in your mouth as the reference for knowing something isn’t right. And the subtle sense of touch is the energy of presence that can be felt emanating from everyone. It’s like when you get a bad vibe from someone – most of us have had that experience, or when you feel someone around you that has a strong energetic structure – you feel attracted to them or inspired by them.

Your sixth sense however, is none of these. Your sixth sense is a sense beyond the five physical and subtle senses that knows, and feels, and has access to the mystery.


Embracing The Mystery

This means to become highly aware of what is happening around you in the subtlety. It is to understand that the quantum field touches everything. That means, scientifically, everything is connected – everything is energy.

Embracing the mystery means following faith as opposed to logic. Looking at the energy in your life, the circumstances, asking questions, and making a decisions because you are following that energy – not because it necessarily makes sense. In fact, the situation and what is happening in reality may not be what it seems, and we need to learn to navigate that, to know what is right beyond what physical circumstances are showing us. Following your inner guidance system, not your mind. Your mind is designed for your survival and to keep you safe, but in doing so it creates fear of the unknown. We must have faith in the unknown to know the mystery. It means, maybe doing things and making decisions that others around you might not understand, if they are not at this same level. And that takes courage, and a deep belief and desire for something more.

The mystery is your higher self. The voice in your head that is separate and different from ego. It is a gentle nudging soft voice, it is encouraging and supportive. The ego voice is judgemental, often negative in nature, and is where the fear and what if’s come from. Your higher self asks you to feel the fear and do it anyway. Essentially, it asks you to get beyond your mind.

The mystery is the synchronicity in life. There are no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Remember, the quantum field touches everything. It hears every thought for a thought is energy. It hears every word you speak, because words are prayers. It sees every action you take in your life, and responds with more of the same.


Who You Are Not

You are not your gender, your race, or your culture. You are not your family tree, your genetic DNA or your heritage. These are bold statement to make. But when we get to the depth and complete truth of who we are – we are not our physicality. Our body is simply a house, a vehicle, and a guidance system for who we really are. We are infinite, we are endless, and we do not die. We are eternal because our soul is eternal. Your physical body dies – you my friend – go on. This is who we are.

Your soul’s ancestory is completely different than your genetic DNA ancestory. We have both. Many of us yearn to know who we are and where we come from, so we turn to finding our cultural heritage. While this is where our physicality came from, it is much less of who you are than your true nature. It is more of a lens through which you see the world. You will be many more physical bodies over and over again – and you will change gender, culture, and worldly location. And, in essence, your lenses change, and you gain different perspective. We have become obsessed with labels, we want to call ourselves something. We want to identify with a belief system and a culture to define who we are. In fact, we are all the same. Regardless of the colour of our skin, our belief systems, our culture – we are all human – we are all souls. We are the human race, our body is our vehicle, and until we start thinking in this way, from the perspective of sameness, of oneness, and of unity, we will perpetuate the deep problems of our world.


Who Am I?

If we want to know who we are, where we came from and what we are doing here – that is a much bigger question. We must look to the mystery to find that. It is a question we all carry – a yearning deep within us to know. A knowing that there is something more – that there must be more to life than this. If we want to answer this question we cannot look to our evolutionary history that we find through science and publications, or through our current educational system. There is so much that has been hidden from us. It’s time for the truth. It’s time for us to rise up and demand to know the truth. About everything.

Until that is revealed, for now, we need to stop identifying as different than, we can see each other as equals. We all breathe the same air, our hearts all beat, we all have the ability to see, taste, hear, smell and touch, we all walk, talk and express our selves, we all need food, shelter, water and air to survive. When we take a serious look at it, we have more in common than we have differences. As humans, we all have the right to our basic needs of food, shelter and water, yet there are some people in some places that are starving, and living on the streets. We find some of these people in our own communities. How does this happen?

We have created a world of better than – of I am better than you for all sorts of reasons: because I have more money than you, because I live in a bigger house, have a fancier car, live in a certain geographical location, have a different colour of skin, a different belief system, etc. We have created status symbols, a hierarchy, and we have allowed it. This is duality and we have all participated in it. And we will perpetuate it, if we cannot learn the lesson of oneness that is shared wealth, equality, unity, harmony, balance, and unconditional love. We all have a different perspectives, through our physicality, and when we can honour that rather than degrade it, ridicule it and try to change it, it is a giant step toward peace. 

Many of us believe we are better than the animals and the plants and the earth. We exploit our resources and under-estimate the role that plants and animals play in our lives and in the health of this planet and the human beings that live here. If plants and animals weren’t here, then we wouldn’t be here either. We depend on them for our very existence. We don’t understand that everything is connected: that what we do to ourselves we do to everything around us. And we have forgotten the simple act of reciprocity: of giving back. We just take and take and take. We were created with the will to receive after all, it has just gotten completely imbalanced and misunderstood.


Everything Is Connected

The quantum field touches everything. There are no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is an orchestrated piece of music that without all the individual instruments, would not exist. Think of the orchestra as your thoughts, words, actions, and energy. And now think of the music as all the circumstances, situations, events, and happenings, good or bad, in your life.

The same can be applied to the greater consciousness. The orchestra is all the people on earth with their thoughts, emotions, actions and energy. The music is what happens on the world stage, with all the events, circumstances, and weather patterns, whether good or bad. If the majority of us are masculine focused in our thoughts, emotions, actions and energy – then the situations that play out are predominantly masculine in nature. This is why there is so much war in the world, fighting, inequality, and protesting. Imagine if everyone were balanced in their energies of masculine and feminine, and how this can dramatically change the world. If we want to change the world the work is within my friends. We must be willing to change. As within so without.

Who am I is much more than a body. You are vast and powerful. You are a Creator. You have the power to transform anything in your life, and thus you can have anything you want. When we begin living a soul led life, we have to trust beyond anything, in our journey, in ourselves and in our purpose. We must follow our intuition, allow for a lot of spontaneity, follow the bread crumbs that are presented to us, learn to see the signs and the connection in all things. We must be willing to do the work, to step out of our comfort zone, and have the courage to stand up and do the work we need to do for the betterment of ourselves and of society.

We must use our masculine energy to do our part. When the energy is asking us to do something – to take action – we must take it in order to move things forward. If we don’t we stay stuck and nothing moves forward – nothing changes. We must truly love ourselves enough to give ourselves the gift of purpose, of radical acceptance, of learning new skills and trusting what we cannot see. We must develop the ability to see in the dark, to become friends with the unknown, and to trust the mystery. This is such a radically different life than what we have known up until now. But it is necessary to become who we truly are. We are a soul, the Creator is within us, we are the mystery – a part of that resides within each and every one of us.

Cultivate your courage, demand bravery, feel the fear and do it anyway, speak your truth, be authentic in every connection you make in your life, and question everything you have ever been taught. But most of all, be true to yourself – to who you really are – to your soul and to what you came here to do. You were born for this.

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