My garden is my medicine. Nature is my medicine. When I am surrounded by other living things it makes me feel alive. When we honour that which brings us alive, it helps us to see a world where all life is honoured again. Medicine is that which heals and feeds the soul – that which brings us alive. It is the things we do that afford us the opportunity to slow down, to be present in the moment and to take in all that is in front of us. The things that we can get completely lost in. Medicine is that thing that brings you complete and utter joy, and peace. 

Medicine is anything that will help us in feeling more connected and in harmony with nature and all living beings. Anything that is healing to the body, mind, and/or spirit is medicine. Our medicine has to do with our gifts, our purpose – the thing that we are here to do. It is our passion, it is our healing, and it is our gift to the world. It brings us back to who we really are – who we want to be – who we are here to be. It connects us with the unseen and it provides us with a presence of heart. We all carry within us Divine life force energy, and our bodies hold it within us. Our body is a form of Earth’s creative energy. When we take care of our body, and honour the Divine light within, we are promoting healing in the world. When we work with our medicine, we are working with the shifts that are happening on Earth right now. We are being a conscious part of that shift. 

Growing a garden is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of time, energy and attention. It’s like a job unto itself if we let it be that. For me, my garden is not a job. It is my duty and my responsibility. My garden is like my Mother. She nourishes me not only with the abundance of food She provides, but with Her spirit, Her energy, and Her presence. Approaching our gardens as a sanctuary of other living beings shifts us into reciprocity. We start to see that we give back to our gardens for what it give to us. We give water so that it can thrive. We feed the soils with organic matter so that it can grow abundantly. We tend to the plants and pay attention to their needs when things don’t seem right. If we take good care of it, it will take good care of us. In return the garden gives us food, a sanctuary, a place to be ourselves and to be present. A garden gives us our soul medicine, our food, and the medicine to nourish and heal our body and mind. It is a reciprocal relationship.


Earth our Body 

Why can’t we think the same way about the wild environment and Mother Earth in general, and treat the Earth with the same respect and reciprocity that we treat the gardens that nourish us? Perhaps if we were more connected to the food and medicine growing in the wild, then we could have a better relationship with Mother Earth? If we saw Her as the giver of life and nourishment that She is, and had deep gratitude for all that She provides, we would then feel the need to take care of her. The Earth gives us our food and our medicine, a place of solitude, reflection and connection. We must protect and feed the Earth so that we don’t lose the gifts She gives us.

A shift in perspective is what is needed. We take for granted the food that is available to us in the grocery store every day. We take for granted where it comes from and the work it took to get it there. We take for granted that it came from the Earth. This applied not just to our food. Everything comes from the Earth. The clothes on our back, the tires beneath us on the road, bottles and jars we drink from, blankets that keep us warm, the mirror we look in each day, all come from the Earth. Oil, crystals, paper, plastic and drywall – think of anything and you will find it’s origins of the Earth.

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Water our Blood

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The Earth is our great provider and the least we can do is be grateful for all that She gives to us to sustain our lives. All it takes is a thank you. We can give a small gift, go out on the land with an open grateful heart and speak words of gratitude, sing a song or play music to your plants or to the trees and Plant Spirits out on the land. We can choose not to use pesticides and chemicals that strip the soil and put poison into the ground water and into the food that we eat. There are so many ways we can give back that only involve good intention, a little time, an open heart and awareness.

The ancient practice of Shamanism has been using this approach for centuries. For them, this is not a new concept or a foreign idea. For them it is part of their every day life. It is my hope that all of humanity can come back to that practice – where we honour the Earth, the plants and all beings – where we give back and make this a common part of our every day living. It is my hope that this becomes the new normal.

If we had to live in the wild – in the woods – far away from civilization and we knew what to look for – we could survive and thrive on what grows wild. If we had to harvest, prepare, clean, dry and store our food and medicine for the winter months from nature, in the wild – how differently would we treat our lands? It’s almost like we need to go back in time and take piece of that knowledge and bring it forward with us into a new reality.

We have to be careful with the effects of how we treat the Earth. Our actions have a ripple effect. We are not the only one’s that live here. What we do not only affects us as human beings but the ecosystems, the waterways, the habitats of all other living beings, the animals, the plants that grow and the air that we all breathe.

Air our Breath

Saving the planet, cleaning up the environment, changing our ways and working with our medicine, comes back to connecting once again with the Earth. Connecting with the plants and animals again, and treating them respectfully as our teachers and friends helps us to understand the interconnectedness of all things. To become one again with the Earth and all living things and to work on Her behalf because She nourishes and supports us – that is the ultimate medicine – for us and for the Earth. How do we save the planet you ask? Grow a garden. Go out onto the land and just be there, be present in the moment and show gratitude for all this Earth offers us on a daily basis to sustain our life. Walk barefoot on the Earth again and get your hands in the dirt. Physically connect your body to the Earth and ground yourself in its life giving energy. 

The Earth needs us now more than ever – to step up – to intervene, to come back to the heart and to find our medicine. We must come back to nature and connect with the Earth once again. Align our body, mind and soul with our medicine and our purpose. Heal our hearts, be true to ourselves, and follow the path of our soul’s destiny. That is how we can help save the planet and this is how we create the reality we want to see in this world.

What would you rather be doing?

What is your medicine? Right now, in this time, find that. Serve yourself and the world with that.

Fire our Spirit