Inspired by Leah Lamb – Sacred Storyteller and Teacher.

What is a story?

A story is a vessel to share learning, teaching, knowledge and wisdom. It is how we learned our values, morals, and ethics. It is a place where we can be a part of each other’s evolution in life.

What is a Sacred Story?

A sacred story is a living thing. A sacred story evolves: elements of it and the way it is told, changes based on who is listening to the story. It gives us inspiration, motivation and activates something mysterious within us – it feels magical. It allows us to see possibility, and can be medicine to tell our own story, and it can be medicine for others just to hear it as well. Sacred stories are in service to life.

Stories are not designed to make meaning out of information. Data in a story doesn’t give us a vision of possibility. These narratives can look like a story, and feel like a story, but it’s not a story. Within the elements of a story, we do not find listed: data or information – scientific or otherwise.

The Age of Story

Right now we are going out of the story of the individual and into the story of the collective: from the story of separation into the story of oneness. The stories we tell now will be carried on through generation after generation. We must be mindful of the stories we tell, the future we want to create, and the stories that make up this coming age, so that they can be empowering, inspirational, motivational and activating. Stories told of great challenges and successes, and the way we changed the world. However, we have no path to follow through the kind of change we are experiencing now. We must forge it.

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient wisdom teaches us the power of our words, and thus – the power of story. Your words are prayers. The Sicilians believed that words could poke holes in the Universe. And there are many ancient civilizations that have creation stories about how the world was sung, chanted, and spoken into existence. Words are power. They are your superpower. What story are you telling?

Changing How We Speak

Shifting our language and how we speak from duality language to unity language is necessary. Switching from comparing to balancing and observing, from judgement to acceptance and compassion, and from reacting to responding. We need to learn a whole new way of speaking and responding to each other, to ourselves, and everything around us.

Be very aware of the stories you allow into your world. Is it giving you life, teaching and inspiration? Is it in service to life or sucking the life out of you? Run the stories you hear through your own filter. How does it sit with you? How do you discern truth from fiction?

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The Power of Story

So, what is your story? How are you telling your story? Is it empowering you? Is it empowering others? There is an opportunity to change our narrative and the way our stories are told: the opportunity to catch the things in our lives that are challenging and create a powerful story of transformation. What are the challenges in your life trying to teach you? Shift how you see what life is giving you. Ask yourself – no matter how difficult the situation is – what can I learn from this? How can I transform this? Overcoming is the hero’s journey. Be the hero in your own life. No one can rescue you but you. Be your own hero.

My Story

As Creator is guiding me into a time of writing and telling my own story, I have so many lessons I have learned, and so many profound experiences that have happened in my life over the last ten years, that I don’t even know where to start. This investigation into the power of story and magical story telling in very much supporting me on my journey to sharing my story.

When a spontaneous spiritual awakening began for me 11 years ago, I spent the first 5 years trying to understand why it happened, and why I had to go through so much suffering, fear, physical discomfort, and chaos in my life. What had I done to deserve this? Just after year 5, I had begun to understand how to move the Kundalini energy through my body, and what I needed to do to make that happen. I started to look at this journey as something much bigger than I ever thought it was. As my understanding grew, more and more I began to see the journey of spiritual awakening in my life as a gift.

I can see now how I never would have gotten to the point I am now in my life without it. It is part of my purpose. Karma I am living out. An undone lesson in a past life. I chose this. The power of that understanding changes my story from that of the victim to the alchemist and the magician. There is a powerful energy alive in me that is meant to be fully functioning in all human beings. There are yogi’s and monk’s who strive their whole lives to have the experience that I am having. This is not something that is gifted to just anyone. It is a potent power not to be taken lightly.

Through my own journey, I have had to see my path from a higher perspective. To eliminate the victim mentality and to give power to my lessons. It is a complete shift in consciousness that brings tremendous power back into your life. Our power gets given away in many ways, but the most destructive way is how our own story is told, how our own life is seen through our own eyes, and the words spoken to ourselves, about ourselves. Victim mentality, and the use of control drama’s like poor me, is disempowering. You are the only one that has control over your life. You feel the way you feel because you choose it. You chose the story you tell yourself – it’s your words. You cannot control the lives, feelings, thoughts, or behaviours of others, you can only control you. How many times in your life have you learned that lesson? I know I have many times the hard way. You are also not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. That responsibility does not belong to you – let that go. Happiness is a feeling. You choose your feelings, not someone else’s.

Your Story

You are the alchemist in your life. It is only you that has the power to change one thing into another – to be the alchmeist in your own life: to take heartbreak and turn it into love, to take fear and transmute it into unconditional love, to take resentment and turn it into forgiveness. The options are endless. You are the magician: and if you believed that – what would you make appear in your life – or disappear? The power of the words you tell yourself have that kind of magic – the magic to change one thing into another. Abracadabra – interpretation of the Hebrew word ebrah k’dabri, meaning, “I create as I speak”.

You are living a story every day. Be the sacred storyteller that engages with life and brings magic, wonder, enlightenment, and inspiration to others, as well as yourself, through your story and the way you live your life.

Be the change you want to see in the world.   – Ghandi

You can use your words and your story as a tool to change your world and the world around you, if you so choose. Use your power wisely.

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