Desert Sage Smudge Spray


Use the scent of the Okanagan Valley to cleanse, clear and protect with Big Sagebrush Hydrosol.

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Contains 100% pure hydrosol distilled from organically home-grown and sustainably wild crafted Artemesia Tridentate (Basin Sagebrush), sustainably wild crafted from the wild lands of the Okanagan Valley. This smudge spray is distilled in small batches and is limited in quantity. Basin Sage has a powerful and distinctive scent, and has grounding and meditative effects.

Basin Sagebrush clears the energies from people, spaces and objects while giving positive energy and balance. It clears us of negative energies, forces, influences, spirits, emotions and even thoughts. It seems to have an unearthly wisdom – it is wise and powerful – yet deeply grounded in the earth. A healer, cleanser and spiritual purifier – it is capable for profound teachings if we are open to listen.

It also works powerfully as an airborne antibacterial and great for dissipating unwanted smells.

2 oz glass spray bottle


Artemesia Tridentate (Basin Sagebrush) Water***

*** Sustainably Wild-Crafted


Use this spray to cleanse and clear crystals that are safe to immerse in water. Use as an aura cleansing spray by spraying all around the body and above the head. Cleanse negative energies in the home by spraying in all four corners and throughout the room.

For external use only. Do not spray near the eyes or mouth.

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