Desert Mystic

Trust in the power of Desert Mystic to assist you in grounding, centring and energy clearing. Trust it to help guide you to self love, to a more intuitive lifestyle, and be more connected and at one with the Universe. The way of the Mystic is to bridge the gap between worlds – the seen and the unseen. The way of the Mystic is to possess unearthly wisdom and to live in an intuitive state of mind. Fill yourself with love that is compassionate and spiritual – both for yourself and others. Energy clearing can allow us to clear our focus – to keep only what belongs to us – not what we have taken from others. Be connected to the earth and to all living things. You are the universe. We are all one.

Through the power of scent and the magic of plant spirits, follow the Desert Mystic into the world of passion, love, creativity, mindfulness, protection and healing. It is through rituals, sacred ceremonies and meditation that we can light up our lives. And through these practices we find deeper meaning and connection.

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