For Mother Earth I Pray…

Spirit of Earth, please guide us in our work to bring healing to your sacred soils that feed, nourish and energize us daily.

Guide us to connect with the Plant Spirits to bring deep inner and spiritual healing.

Allow the Plant People to bring forth in each of us a deep yearning and desire to get out on the land, in order to listen and learn their teachings through our hearts first and our minds second.

Teach us to speak with the Plant People as we speak to our friends.

May our conversations be silent and deep with great reverence for one another.

And when we harvest from you, may we always give back and show gratitude for what you give us each and every day, for you have given us all the we need.

You are our Mother – may we love you as such.

Please show us how we may recognize and respect the ways and teachings of the animals, so that we may learn the lessons and wisdom shown to us through them.

May we develop a deep understanding and compassion for the lives of all beings.

Please show us the power and energy inherent in the stones and crystals found deep within.

May we connect to the Crystal People and the Stone People and may they share with us their knowledge and wisdom.

May our ears be clear, our hearts open, and our mind at rest so that we may clearly hear the messages that wish to come through.


Spirit of the Air, please guide us in our work to bring healing to the life giving force that we cannot see – the air – the wind.

Guide us to connect deeply with our own breath in a conscious way so that we may breathe deeply into our belly.

Bring us the power of deep and full breath so that we too many be healed.

Help us to listen to the winds when they are calling us to change – and help us to change from love and not fear.

Give us the courage to face our shadows, unwind our stories, and come back to our true selves – for in that we heal the both of us.

Encourage us when the winds are asking us to cleanse ourselves – and when they are demanding our attention.

Allow us to see the power that is invisible to our eyes and feel this untouchable force upon our skin, as a reminder that you are a living, breathing being from which we all came.

Teach us to see the error of our ways and give us the ability to change direction like the wind – easily and effortlessly as if we are weightless.

May all beings have clean, clear, sightless air to breathe every day of our lives.


Spirit of Water, please guide us in our work to bring healing to our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans.

The liquid that gives birth to all life.

Guide us to connect with the marine animals, the finned ones, the shelled ones, and all life within the our waters, so that we may know their struggles and their pain, and bring resolution and vitality to their lives once more.

Please show us the ways that we may reconcile our damage and bring clarity, vibrancy and health back to our sacred waters.

May we do this for all life, including our own, so that all people everywhere have access to clean and pure drinking water.

Bring us the voice of the water so that we may seek out her wisdom, in how to live our lives both in flow and in stillness – in our body, mind and in our spirit.

Remind us of the vastness of the oceans and how all our water systems are interconnected. What we do to one we do to all.


Spirit of Fire, please guide us in our work to bring healing to our Mother.

Please have mercy upon us in the hot swells of summer, and burn away only what must be burnt for rejuvenation, healing and restoration.

Show us how to deeply respect your power, and your destruction, as well as your creative and birthing force.

Allow us a great respect for your transformational energy so we may harness that energy to transform our own lives.

Please guide us in a deep understanding of our history and where we have come from, and allow us to reflect on who we are becoming.

Show us the future we want to create and allow us the courage and bravery to destroy all that no longer serves us as a global family any longer.

Teach us to see and understand our power – the power and strength in our connectedness to all things and to each other.

May we join together in great creative force to make change in this world, so that the Earth can live vibrantly, clean, fresh, pure and blissful once more.

And may we all come back to heart centered living, and live blissfully in our truth, to forge a new path for our future.

Great Spirit, please guide us to right action in creating a world that serves all people equally.

Please show us the Beauty Way once more, so that we may see beauty always.

Guide us to love ourselves first, to heal our wounds, to accept our imperfections, our mistakes, our hardships, and to love ourselves through our heartbreaks.

For we are all perfect just the way we are.

Keep us all strong enough to come back to our hearts, to be able to clearly see our magic and our power, and to clearly hear own inner guiding voice.

Light up our soul’s path so we may follow our journey with grace and ease.

Give us the patience to heal our brokenness and put our pieces back together so that we may become whole again.

Great Spirit, please give us the strength to make great changes in our world.

To create a world where we are all equals and come together in the oneness that we know we are.

For your healing, and for our own.


In radiant light and peace, so be it.