Founder, Candace Moon, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics from the Alberta College of Art and Design. She also has a Bachelor of Applied Interior Design from Mount Royal University; however, she is now living a spiritual path. Identifying with the green witch and embracing her wild woman, she is welcoming major life changes and following her calling. These changes materialized after a spontaneous spiritual awakening seven years ago.

The Okanagan

Moving back to the Okanagan brought Candace back to the place she grew up and took for granted. It allowed her to finally be able to grow a garden! Now, the Stellar Ground garden is fully planted with medicinal and culinary herbs. All the food for the family is planted on her parent’s property. 

It is a privilege for Candace to live in the Okanagan, with the abundant wild plants that grow here, amazing hiking locations, mountains, and the views. She started foraging for medicinal and edible wild plants, and creating recipes with their amazing energies. Desert sage is her favourite scent on earth, and something that brings her back to this place no matter where she is. It is mystical, magical and healing all at the same time.


Candace comes by gardening and foraging naturally – it’s in her blood. She grew up in her great grandmother’s garden picking fresh vegetables and berries.  They were foragers, so Candace frequently enjoyed eating huckleberries, birch sap and wild meat. She has a deep gratitude for her ability to grow and forage her own food. The healing quality of plants, their spirits and magic, inspires a passion to connect with plants on a deeper level.

Candace’s garden is her oasis. It serves as a deeply meditative and therapeutic place to connect with plants, the Earth and the elements. A connection to the cycles is empowering. The cycle of the seasons provide an ever changing array of plants, flowers and food. Moon cycles guide planting, harvesting and making rituals. And the life cycle of plants is a constant reminder of the cycle of life: birth, death and regeneration. The power of a tiny seed!

Bare foot she walks from spring through summer and into  fall upon the soft black earth, patiently tending to the garden that nourishes her. This is the place she loves. The place she craves in the winter. It is where her heart is and where her soul sings. Candace is deeply committed to sharing her connection with plants and inspiring that connection in you.

It is through Candace’s own healing that she can help inspire healing in others. To use knowledge to make powerful change happen.

Many blessing and deep gratitude.

Stella has inspired many things: patience, gratitude, eternal and unconditional love, presence, mindfulness and patience. She loves her garden – something Candace inspired in her. Hiking and collecting nature, and then creating something useful and healing out of it, is what she loves to do. This is also something Candace inspired in her. Many an experiment takes place in their house!

Stella has been led to a life of connection. She is connected to plants and to the Earth and is learning their powerful medicine. They show gratitude and respect – they talk to plants and they give back. Candace has seen the impact that has had in her life, her personality and her energy, and she strives to bring that to all children. That is her gift to the world.

When we realize our connection to all other life, to this Earth and to the Cosmos, we can clearly see our purpose, our path and our destiny. We know to follow our hearts and listen to our inner voice – our intuition. To build a solid foundation and support in this, is the biggest advantage our children can have in this world.



After healing her own skin conditions, anxiety and insomnia, that resulted from the awakening, with her own herbal remedies, Candace began taking on other people’s healing requests. She began creating and experimenting with other herbal recipes that proved to work wonders. As a result of this, she ended up taking several online courses. Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, The Herbal Academy, Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and Aromahead Institute helped her to deepen her knowledge. Many books were studied by author’s like Rosemary Gladstar, Rosalee de Floret, David Hoffman. Candace also took the first three levels of the Pranic Energy Healing courses to help heal herself and others around her.

Stellar Ground is a result of all this powerful learning and these life experiences. It is here because this is Candace’s path, her soul’s purpose and Stellar Ground is here to share that with you. To pass the knowledge on, to assist in reconnecting the people with plants, with the Earth and Her medicine – that is what we are here to do.

The foundation that has been laid is just the beginning. Our goal is to always keep learning and expanding. We want to find mentors that can teach us more about traditional plant medicine in the Okanagan Valley. A Kids Herb Club and a herbal conference right here in Penticton, are also future developments for Stellar Ground.


At Stellar Ground we create each product by hand with organically grown herbs we grow ourselves, or ethically harvest from the wild lands of the Okanagan Valley.

Our products are made with organic ingredients and are free from chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum products, synthetic additives and GMO’s. In those bottles and jars are herbal infusions, organic ingredients, organic essential oils, vitamin E and a whole lot of love. Simple and effective. The packaging is environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable and we only test our products on humans; although most of the products are also safe for pets.

Herbs are harvested just after the full moon when the sap is high but the energy is turned downward. Our herbal infusions are prepared when the moon is dark – this is when the gravitational pull is the greatest. This helps extract the healing properties in the plants. They then infuse for at least one moon cycle, and are put out in the light of the full moon before being prepared into healing remedies just after the full moon. This allows them to have the most potent healing power.  


Stellar Ground is made of plants and inspired change. Our mission is to create the highest quality organically grown and wild crafted herbal products possible that provide powerful natural remedy for the body, mind and soul. We are committed to education, sharing knowledge and passion for the spirit, energetics and the power of plants. A deep spiritual connection to this place, this valley and t’s wildness, it’s beauty, its aroma, its abundance and it’s energy, is at our core. The experience of this valley is to be shared with others, as they carry with them a piece of this place. We believe that our work can inspire and revive the love of herbs, food as medicine and a respect for the land. It is our hope that we can improve the physical, energetic and spiritual health of this planet and its people.

Our handcrafted small batch organically grown and wild crafted products, made with love and care, nourish the body, mind and soul. We believe we can establish a connection with the healing power of plants in all people. Stellar Ground is a small company based in the Okanagan Valley in the city of Penticton, BC Canada that has respect and compassion for our customers, our community and the environment.


Our vision is three fold. We will be an inspiring educator in the idea of herbs and medicinal plants as gifted and natural healers. The food as medicine campaign for the betterment of our health and our planet, is what drives us forward. We will rekindle relationships with the earth and the plants that grow upon it. We will be a provider of the highest quality, effective, organically grown and wild crafted plant remedies to support the body, mind and spirit in healing.



We harvest only what we need, in small amounts, from abundant wild plants in the Okanagan Valley. Our packaging is environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable.


We are eternally grateful to all our customers and our suppliers always. We express gratitude to the Earth for all She provides us. Living from a place of abundance and showing gratitude in our lives is something we practice daily.


Passion about what we do inspires us daily to be our best and to give our best to the world. We will inspire passion in others for what we believe in.

Service to Others

We provide our time to volunteer for organizations that provide food for the community and use gardens as a teaching tool such as Incredible Edible Penticton, community gardens and school gardens.

Discounted workshop rates are available to students who have a deep interest in learning about plants who are unable to afford the full cost of the registration. To qualify please explain your situation, provide your suggestion for cost reduction and write a small passage as to why you would love to partake in this learning experience. Arrangements can be made for discounts, payment plans, trading services, or full registration fee waiver depending upon need. This is available to one student per season. Some acceptions may apply.