It is through Earth and Plant Spirit Medicine, that I have come back to the heart and to my authentic self, that seemed to be lost for such a long period of time. I have welcomed major life changes by following my calling, listening to my guides, and trusting myself. Deep, hard and challenging transitions that were hard lessons to learn, but so rewarding for all the long hard work it took to get there. The fire inside is back. Answering that question that burns within all of us, “Why am I here?”

Having recently discovered my old soul has lived many, many lifetimes as a medicine woman, and plant and energy healer, I have brought back that knowledge to my present lifetime and am embracing the wisdom and the lessons of this Earth, and all that makes it a living breathing organism of life, teacher and guide. 

These changes materialized after a spontaneous Kundalini awakening that has been a complete and total transformation of my entire life. My journey has been challenging, having come face to face with my ultimate fears, shadows, and the false belief systems that made up my reality. I had to learn how to process and release all of these things in order to heal and move the Kundalini energy forward. After eight years of working through this intense energy, I am now in the final stages with the energy sitting in my Third Eye Chakra. Once I knew what I needed to do, there was no stopping me, for delaying the process made the physical symptoms worse and prolonged my suffering. 

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.” You see, medical doctors and western medicine do not have the tools to explain energetic imbalance, and energetic sickness.  Pranic Energy Healing, Bodytalk, Shamanism, Crystal Energy Healing, and Akashic Records reading and healing, and Past Life Regression work were the gateways to my survival. 

I have come face to face with speaking my truth, bearing my soul, hurting others, losing friends and dealing with the judgement and rejection of others. I have a lot of years of schooling and a lot of career experience in the corporate world in Interior Design that I have completely left behind. My soul was sick. I will never forget the words of my healer “The Universe is trying to tell you something, and you’re not listening.”

The Okanagan

Moving back to the Okanagan brought me back to the place I grew up and took for granted. It allowed me to finally be able to grow a garden, to hike in the mountains and deserts and reconnect back to nature and the healing of the land and the waters! Now, my garden is fully planted with medicinal and culinary herbs, and organically grown food to feed my family. 

I have spent the many years exploring, discovering and learning about wild plants of the Okanagan and their traditional uses. It is a privilege and an honour for me to live in the Okanagan, with the abundant wild plants that grow here. I began foraging for medicinal and edible wild plants, and creating natural remedies and food preparations with them. Desert sage and Ponderosa Pine resin are by far my favourite scents on earth, and something that brings me back to this place no matter where I am. They are mystical, magical and healing all at the same time.


I come by gardening and foraging naturally – it’s in my blood. I grew up in my great grandmother’s garden picking fresh vegetables and berries.  They were foragers, so I frequently enjoyed eating huckleberries, birch sap and wild meat. I have a deep gratitude for the ability to grow and forage my own food. The healing quality of plants, their spirits and magic, inspires a passion to connect with plants on a deeper level.

My garden and this Earth is my oasis, my sanctuary and my medicine. They serve as deeply meditative and therapeutic places to connect and communicate with plants and the elements. A connection to the cycles is empowering. The cycle of the seasons provide an ever changing array of plants, flowers and food. Moon cycles guide planting, harvesting and making rituals. And the life cycle of plants is a constant reminder of the cycle of life: birth, death and regeneration. The power of a tiny seed!

I walk bare foot from spring through summer and into fall upon the soft black earth, patiently tending to the garden that nourishes my life and walking the trails in the woods that have become so familiar. These are the places I love. The places I crave in the winter. It is where my heart is and where my soul sings. I am deeply committed to sharing my connection with plants and inspiring that connection in you.

It is through my own healing that I can help inspire healing in others. To use knowledge to make powerful change happen. I have found my healing, solace and medicine with the Earth and with Plants, and it is my mission to help others come back to the great medicine that Mother Earth provides to us.

Many blessing and deep gratitude.

Stella has inspired many things: patience, gratitude, eternal and unconditional love, presence, mindfulness and patience. She loves her garden – something I am proud to have inspired in her. Hiking and collecting nature, and then creating something useful and healing out of it, is what she loves to do. This is also something I inspired in her. Many an experiment takes place in this house!

Stella has been led to a life of connection. She is connected to plants and to the Earth and is learning their powerful medicine. We show gratitude and respect – we talk to plants and we give back. Having seen the impact that has had in her life, her personality and her energy, I strive to bring that to all children. That is my gift to the world

When we realize our connection to all other life, to this Earth and to the Cosmos, we can clearly see our purpose, our path and our destiny. We know to follow our hearts and listen to our inner voice – our intuition. To build a solid foundation and support in this, is the biggest advantage our children can have in this world.


After healing my own physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the transformative work of Kundalini energy, I have come back to my connection with the Earth. That connection has provided me great gifts of healing, peace and abundance. I have learned to sit quietly and listen to the birds, the water, and the plants. I have learned to observe the signs the Universe sends to us through nature and the world around us, And more importantly, I have come to understand their deep meaning in my life, and the deeper meaning of connection, our power as co-creators and the power of coming back to the heart.

I have come to work with plants, their constituents as well as their energy and their spirit. Training through Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, The Herbal Academy, Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and Aromahead Institute helped me to deepen my knowledge. Many books have been studied by author’s like Rosemary Gladstar, Rosalee de Floret, Kami McBride, and David Hoffman. I also am certified in the first three levels of the Pranic Energy Healing, and learned to read the Akashic Records to help heal myself and others. Kundalini has awakened by psychic abilities, my intuition and connection to Divine source energy.

Stellar Ground is a result of all this powerful learning and these transformative life experiences. It is here because this is my path, my soul’s purpose and Stellar Ground is here to share that with you. To pass the knowledge on, to assist in reconnecting the people with plants, with the Earth and Her medicine – that is what I am here to do.

The foundation that has been laid is just the beginning. My goal is to always keep learning and expanding. I wish to find more mentors that can teach more about traditional plant and earth medicine in the Okanagan Valley. An Earth Medicine retreat centre right here in Penticton, that offers skills and lessons in providing deep connection back to the Earth, our true authentic selves, and a coming back to the heart where we can be fully immersed in nature and it’s medicine. Where we hone our intuition in a spiritual place that also provides location for Sacred Fires, women’s circles, workshops and healings. These are just some of the future developments and dreams for Stellar Ground.


Through visions I have received messages from White Buffalo Calf Woman. She serves as one of my guides and teachers. I have studied the Seven Sacred Teachings, read the Lakota legend many, many times, and listened to her messages that come to me through my strong clairaudient and visionary skills. The message is clear. It is time. Time to come back to the Earth, to hear Her calling, to align with her vibration, to heal ourselves so that we may heal the planet. It is time for Oneness not for separation. It is time to come together and learn to receive Her messages, the teachings of the Plants, the Animals, the Rocks, the Mountains, the Water, the Wind, the Fire and the Air. We must remember how to give back for all that She provides us. We come back to our intuition and trust our inner voice and our knowing.

We, as a collective, need to come back to our authentic selves and the truth of who we really are – the truth of our power and our magic. We must learn to understand that by connecting to the Earth and it’s medicine, we become whole again. And by doing so, we heal ourselves and we heal the Earth. From this place we can better understand the power of creation that we hold within us. The power that creates our reality so that we may create the new world that we desire to live in. This is a time of big dreams and big transformation. This is the time when White Buffalo Calf Woman has come back to us as a collective to help lead us, and guide us back to the Earth because we are out of balance. The masculine energies have taken over too far, and the feminine power must be equalized in order to balance the system. She is here to restore the balance and harmony, so that we may live in abundance and peace.

We must be honest with ourselves. We must uncover the shadows, unwind our stories, our false realities, speak our truth and live it. We must come back to our hearts for the heart carries the wisdom of all of the lives we have ever lived. The heart is the link to the soul. To our purpose in this life and it never ever lies. We have learned to ignore our hearts and be led by the mind, which can tell us all kinds of lies if we let it. The mind operates on fear and survival, yet the heart speaks out of love from our soul. We must shift gears in order to live from a place of unconditional love and leave our fears behind. We must live from love and not fear and make our decisions every day from a place of love. Love for our selves, for others and for all beings of the Earth.

This is not something to be taken lightly. It is deep work and deep transformation. If we want change, to live a new reality, a better life, for all of us, this is what we must do.

Having lived through a complete metamorphosis of who I thought I was, to who I really am, I am here with Stellar Ground to help you all in coming back to the Earth. To assist you in raising your vibrations, speaking your truth, finding your authentic self, and to give you the skills and tools to help you on your journey. I didn’t have a guide. My healing and my journey are the guide for you to do your work.


Our vision is three fold. We will be an inspiring educator in the idea of plants as gifted and natural healers that come to us not only through their constituents but through their energy and their spirit. The ability to grow food, and forage and identify wild food for the betterment of our health and our planet, is what drives us forward. We will rekindle our human relationships with the Earth, the plants that grow upon it, and with our selves in coming back to the heart.



We harvest only what we need, in small amounts, from abundant wild plants in the Okanagan Valley being sure to leave enough for the animals and the birds. We are not the only ones that live here. 


We express gratitude to the Earth for all She provides us. We give her gifts and honour her as our Mother. Living from a place of abundance and showing gratitude in our lives is something we practice daily.


Passion about what we do inspires us daily to be our best and to give our best to the world. We will inspire passion in others for living in authenticity and for Earth and Plant Spirit Medicine.

Service to Others

We provide our time to volunteer for organizations that provide food for the community and use gardens as a teaching tool such as Incredible Edible Penticton, community gardens and school gardens.

Discounted workshop rates are available to students who have a deep interest in learning about plants who are unable to afford the full cost of the registration. To qualify please explain your situation, provide your suggestion for cost reduction and write a small passage as to why you would love to partake in this learning experience. Arrangements can be made for discounts, payment plans, trading services, or full registration fee waiver depending upon need. This is available to two students per season. Some acceptions may apply.